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Second-Career Scholarship

The Selected Independent Funeral Homes' Educational Trust's Second-Career Scholarship Program is designed exclusively for individuals who desire to enter the independent funeral service profession as a second (or third or more!) career.

The scholarship was established in response to an increase in the number of second-career practitioners who aspire to work as funeral directors, a role that is traditionally filled by professionals whose families have owned and operated funeral firms for decades. The Educational Trust desires to support these individuals and to help enhance the independent funeral service profession.

Each scholarship is worth $1,500, with up to four scholarships awarded by the Trust each year; two in December and two in June. All scholarship dollars will be paid directly to the applicant’s school toward tuition and associated expenses of the applicant.


Any individual currently enrolled full-time in a mortuary science program at an accredited school in North America who is not related to an owner of a funeral firm currently in operation is eligible to apply. Previous full-time working experience in an unrelated field to show that funeral service will be a second career choice is required along with details on tuition owed and a demonstration of genuine financial need. A full list of requirements including a professionally-written essay can be found on the Scholarship Application.

Membership in Selected Independent Funeral Homes is not a requirement to apply.

While not a requirement, an applicant’s demonstration of current or future employment or involvement with an independently owned and operated funeral home is highly preferred.

To Apply

Applicants must submit a completed application on or before December 1 or May 30 each year. Applications will be reviewed by the Educational Trust Board and voted on, with a majority approval vote required. A submitted application is not a guarantee of a scholarship award.

Download the Second-Career Scholarship Application


Elva “Elle” Heiligenstein, awarded January 2015
Sheila Wilmore-Butler, awarded January 2015
Chris Allen, awarded July 2014
Jayanna Weaver, awarded July 2014
James Barnhart, awarded January 2014
Kelsey Byers, awarded January 2014
Timothy Roberts, awarded January 2014
Ted Edwards, awarded August 2013
Bobby Cook, awarded January 2013
Lisa Valentine, awarded January 2013
Sheila Brisendine, awarded July 2012
Karl Wilson, awarded July 2012
Scott Bowler, awarded January 2012
Brianna Kay Vujovich, awarded January 2012
Michael Smith, awarded August 2011
Cynthia Wells, awarded August 2011
Donald Bouchard, awarded March 2011
John Gawronski, awarded November 2010
Robert Bogue, awarded September 2010

School Posters

Schools, download our Second-Career Scholarship Posters to promote the scholarship to your students!

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